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Hello everyone!

It is time once again to come together to give back to those in need this holiday season.

Our Toys & Cans for Chips promotion begins today (Monday, November 22nd) and runs through December 31st. TD's, with the help of their players and venues, can choose between the Toys or Cans options - all details are on our INFO site here:

Keep in mind the bonus chips offered do not count against Bonus Chip Program maximums. This is a special league-wide promotion.

Additional notes:

-- If your local shelters prefer monetary donations due to ongoing pandemic, please use their websites (do not bring monetary donations to WTP events please!).

-- Due to the limited number of venues, we will again be offering 5 Access Passes to the OPEN next spring in the drawing this year. However, giving is of course its own reward!

-- Please report your receipts to as usual.

Toys & Cans For Chips benefits local children, homeless shelters, food banks, and more across the country. Let's all work together to help out these great causes in our local areas!

Thanks all - and we hope you have a great holiday season!

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