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Huge CONGRATS to our newest and now TWO-TIME WTP Online Monthly Bankroll Champion Jeff Hunt!

The player known as "Bird33" online earned a $500 WSOP Package and the Bankroll medallion for his efforts - his second such win this year. Great job Jeff!

Don't miss out on your shot at some awesome prizes awarded every month - PLUS the quarterly Online National Championship where huge prizes are on the line!

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Shoutout to the rest of the Top 16 from this event as well. The top eight all earned Gift Cards and Bankroll medallions, while 9th thru 16th place earned Bankroll medallions! The full results can be found by clicking the "Champs & Prizes link" on the site above.
2. TheArchman - Hans Werner
3. DoubLeL - Gail Webb
4. Sandy - Sandy Walker
5. Supercox - Roger Cox
6. Martease - Vaughn Thomas
7. hrh1951 - Howard Hass
8. katrinal - Katrina Scanlon-Ludwigsen
9. alfs0128 - Amy Lee Farkas
10. nj6841 - Carol Willard
11. halfpints - Debra Sullivan
12. Garyrich49 - Gary Rich
13. LAS999 - Lisa Sisto
14. Ludwig18 - Gary Ludwigsen
15. Bmadison21 - Joseph Healey
16. kelley - Kelly Malin

Thanks all - and once again, GREAT job!

The Team at World Tavern Poker
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