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Hey Tournament Directors!

An email with the password for this Sunday's TD Online Smackdown will be sent out around 12:30pm EST today (Friday). Please make sure to check your email!

REMEMBER: TD's that were listed in a WTP Bar Profile from March 2019 through now are eligible to play (and of course you must have a WTP Online account).

IF YOU DON'T GET TD NEWSLETTERS AND YOU SHOULD BE: Some of you are on our email lists but your email provider may be blocking/mislabeling them. PLEASE do the following:

-- Always check all of your folders (spam, junk, "All Mail", Social/Promotions tabs, etc.)

-- Some email servers (AOL, Yahoo, unusual domains) are notorious for blocking our emails. If you have a non-Gmail email address, you need to contact your email provider to tell them you want emails to come from us.

-- Rare - If you have Gmail and are not getting our emails: Gmail does label some emails as spam or puts them in other folders if you haven't been opening them for a time. As long as you put our emails in your regular inbox when you receive them (and open/read them), they should continue to come.

Thanks all! :)

The Team at World Tavern Poker
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