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Hello everyone!

All regions (except NC-Central East) are now fully updated for their upcoming Regional Championship events! Please head to and click the Regionals graphic to see events in your area (and click the details link for all the details).

Here is a full listing of all Regional Championships - again, NC-Central East will be coming soon.

ONLINE (AR, CA, FL, GA, KS, WA): Sun, Mar 1 @ 5pm EDT

Alaska:  Sun, Feb 16 @ 12:00pm

Connecticut:  Sun, Mar 1 @ 11:30am

Indiana:  Sat, Mar 7 @ 12:00pm

Maryland:  Sat, Feb 29 @ 12:00pm

Mass/NH/Rhode Island:  Sat, Mar 21 @ 1:00pm

Michigan:  Sun, Mar 15 @ 11:00am

New Jersey (Cent East/West):  Sat, Feb 22 @ 10:00am

New Jersey (SE & SW):  Sat, Mar 28 @ 12:00pm

New Mexico:  Sat, Mar 14 @ 11:00am

New York (Central):  Sun, Feb 23 @ 1:00pm

New York (Southern):  Sun, Mar 1 @ 11:30am

New York (Western):  Sun, Feb 23 @ 12:00pm

North Carolina (Central East):  DETAILS TO COME

North Carolina (Cent West/West):  Sat, Feb 29 @ 12:00pm

North Carolina (East - Option 1):  Sun, Feb 23 @ 11:00am

North Carolina (East - Option 2):  Sat, Feb 29 @ 11:00am

Pennsylvania (Central):  Sun, Mar 22 @ 12:00pm

Pennsylvania (North East/East):  Sat, Mar 21 @ 12:00pm

Pennsylvania (North West):  Sun, Feb 23 @ 12:00pm

Pennsylvania (South Central):  Sun, Feb 16 @ 3:00pm

Pennsylvania (South East):  Sat, Mar 28 @ 12:00pm

Virginia (North East & DC):  Sat, Mar 14 @ 12:00pm

Virginia (South Central, West):  Sat, Mar 7 @ 11:00am

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