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TD'S: UPDATE YOUR BAR PROFILE! Date : 08-13-2019
Tournament Directors! As it is Week 1 of a new season, please make sure you are updating your bar profile this week.

Make sure all of the bar's info is correct, and then scroll down to the TD #1 and TD #2 section.

If the TD's listed are correct, just click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page to save changes. If you need to enter a new TD, follow these simple steps:

-- Use the "Select a TD" link - do NOT enter any info manually!
-- Search for the TD and select him/her
-- Make sure their info populates in the correct fields
-- Click "SUBMIT" at the bottom to save changes

KEEP IN MIND: Accurate info in the TD #1 field is vital towards earning the National TOC Finals seat as part of the Best Customer Program! Now is the time to make sure this info is updated and correct.


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