World Tavern Poker always asks all of our players to Be The Best Poker Customer They Can Be by continuing to support the bars that host our league.

With that in mind, our new Best Poker Customer program is designed to better promote being a great poker customer throughout the league, AND to reward players and TD's for their participation.

Get all the details on the Best Customer program by clicking here.

National Best Customer Ranking

Best Customer Points: Total Best Customer Points achieved by Player.

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RankUser NameNamePtsStateCity
1 QuickdriveMack Roberta27NCHuntersville
2 raiderxx4Riley Chris25MDLanham
3 RayM1Mullins Ray23NMArrey
4 sthompsoThompson Suong21VAFalls Church
5 dustyrRhodes Larry20NCCape Carteret
6 rtjohn63@yahoo.comJohnson Reggie19NCcharlotte
7 bowmasterherb@gmail.comchaffin herb18INfort wayne
8 CurlsSetzco Carole18NCGrimesland
9 W2Walkerwhite terrence18NCFayetteville
10 Bella soniaRuiz Sonia16NCApex
11 CARDSIGLIEREDiToma Richard15NYNew City
12 JackA.Houston Jack15PAJohnstown
13 FayeHoustonHouston Faye15PAJohnstown
14 Cenas6400 Mckeller Marcus15NCWilmington
15 cj695888@Hill Janet14NCSalisbury
16 gtucker151@aol.comTucker Geoff14VAFairfax
17 BonnieJoWestbrook Bonnie Jo14NCNewport
18 J269Cox Johnnie 13NCFayetteville
19 BrendalewisLewis Brenda13NCHuntersville
20 jvmortonMorton James13MDWaldorf
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