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Welcome to World Tavern Poker, America’s #1 Poker League. If you are new to the league, please click here to create your free player account. If you are already a player, welcome to the new website, you can log on at anytime.

World Tavern Poker is America's #1 Bar Poker League with over 300 hosting taverns across the country and more than 100,000 registered players. 

Similar to a dart or pool league, you will be playing in free Texas Hold ‘em poker tournaments each week at your local bar.  The top players receive points and rankings for the chance to move on to Tavern, Regional and National Championships for the shot of winning up to 26 seats into World Series of Poker Events every year! 

The year is broken down into (3) 15-week seasons (Spring, Fall and Winter) with Championship events for each.

As well, there is a bonus event called the Tournament of Champions.  Each season, the winners from the Tavern Tournament of Champions move on to the National TOC (held once per year in Las Vegas) for their shot at a $10,000 main event seat. Click here for more details on the TOC.
It's Free, it's Fun and best of all you have a shot of winning millions of dollars at the World Series of Poker!

The Season
Each season is comprised of up to 15 weeks of regular tournaments with a 1 week Tavern Championship.  Taverns can sign up at any point in the season and still qualify players for the Regional and National Championships.
Click here to view the current season schedule

The Tournaments

Each tournament is comprised of 10 to hundreds of players, where they are playing until there is one man or woman left standing.  In each tournament, the top 20 players will receive points based on where they finish and how many players competed in that tournament.
Click here to view the point system

The Rankings
Players are ranked at 4 levels.
1. Tavern Ranking = Average of Top 8 scores at that Tavern.
2. Regional Ranking = Average of Top 12 scores from any Tavern in that Region.
3. State Ranking = Average of Top 16 from any Tavern in the State.
4. National Ranking = Average of Top 24 scores from any WTP Tavern in the Country.

*Note - You must have a minimum of 8 games played each season to receive a Tavern Ranking

The Tavern Championship
At the end of each season, each Tavern's top players will compete in a Tavern Championships where the winner will receive a trophy, prizes provided by the tavern and the title of Tavern Champion.
On Tavern Championship night, there will be 2 rounds, the Semi-Finals and the Finals.

The Semi-Finals - Every player who has a Tavern Ranking at the bar is invited to play in this event EXCEPT for the Top 10 ranked players who receive an automatic bye into the FINALS.
The Semi-Final tournament is a standard multi-table tournament (like you play all season) where as the Top 10% will move on to the finals.

At the beginning of the tournament the total # of players seated should be announced as well as the number of players that will move on. This Top 10% will automatically receive seats into the Regional Championships.

The Finals - The winners from each table at the Semi-Finals moves on to the Finals.  The Top 10 ranked players in the Tavern at the end of the season receive a “bye” to the Finals (they do not play in the Semi-Finals).  This is a way of rewarding the top players in the Tavern.
So, as in the example above, the 5 table winners would then play in a tournament against the Top 10 ranked players, giving you a FINALS TOURNAMENT size of 15.
Regional Qualifiers - The Top 10 players ranked in each bar as well as each player who wins their table will receive a seat in Regionals.  So again in the example above, 15 total players would move on to the Regional Championships (in markets with Qualified Regional Championships).
The Regional Championship
At the end of each season, markets with at least 5 hosting bars will participate in a Regional Championship Tournament.  Regional Tournament prizes will vary based on the number of participating bars in that area and includes anything from plaques to tickets to the World Tavern Poker Open to complete travel packages to Las Vegas and Atlantic City for the National Championships.  Please click here for more information on upcoming Regional Championships.

National Championships
There are 3 National Championship each year where the Top 8 Finalists will ALL RECEIVE SEATS INTO WORLD SERIES OF POKER EVENTS ranging from $1,000 and up!
·         The Spring National Championships are held in the Fall in Las Vegas.
·         The Fall and Winter National Championships are held in April/May in Atlantic City. These are two separate events held during the same weekend so if you have qualified for both, you can play in both.
World Tavern Poker Open - The World Tavern Poker Open is the WORLD'S LARGEST POKER PARTY and held during the National Championships.  The WTP Open is 3-4 days of great parties, great poker and great people.  WE CAN ASSURE YOU, YOU'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED A POKER EVENT LIKE THIS BEFORE! Click here to learn more about the World Tavern Poker Open.
How to qualify for the National Championships
Players can qualify for the National Championships in 5 ways.

Regional Points Champion - In markets with 5 or more taverns in a region, the Top 2 Regional Points leaders at the end of the season receive a seat at the National Championship.

Regional Championship Events - The # of National qualifiers through the Regional Championship Events varies depending on the # of participating taverns in that region however in a standard Regional Championship (approx 120 players) the Top 10 finalists will qualify for the National Championship.

National Points Leaders - The Top 20 Nationally ranked players at the end of the season also receive seats in the National Championship.
Cumulative Points Leaders - The Top 30 cumulative points leaders (on the Power Rankings Leader board) will automatically qualify for the National Championships.
10 Wins - Capture 10 tournament wins throughout the season at any bar and automatically qualify for National Championships!

Where are the National Championships held?
National Championships move between Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Fun, Fun, Fun
Most of all The World Tavern Poker League is about great people, great poker and great fun. So if you love to meet new people, have a few beers and play poker, then World Tavern Poker is perfect for you.

Supporting your Tavern and Staff
Remember, your local tavern is providing this service to you
Free Of Charge. Please be sure to support them and their staff!  Have a few drinks, order some food and take care of your servers.

Your favorite Tavern isn't listed?
If you have a tavern you would like to see join The World Tavern Poker Tour, then just send us an e-mail to  Be sure to include your name and any contacts you may know of at the tavern.

What is the World Tavern Poker Open?
The World Tavern Poker Open is the World's Best Poker Party. It is 3 days of Great Parties, Great People and Great Poker all planned around the National Championship
Don't miss these events!
Good Luck and Have a Wonderful Season!

Mike M and the WTP Team

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