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What is World Tavern Poker?  
World Tavern Poker is a Nationwide Poker League where you will be competing during the season in Tournament Style Poker Events at your local tavern.  The top 20 players in each tournament receive points and are ranked at the Tavern, Regional and National Levels.

At the end of the season, the top players at each tavern qualify for the Tavern Championship. Then the top players from each Tavern Championship qualify for the Regional Championship.

What is the Format? 
Each No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament is comprised of 10 to hundreds of players where you will be playing until one man or woman is left standing.

What is the Buy-In? 
There are NEVER ANY BUY-INS or any gambling taking place at World Tavern Poker events.  We take this very seriously, and any Player or Tavern who is caught gambling will be immediately eliminated from the league.

What Kind of Prizes Should I Give?
For each tournament we recommend giving your top 3 players prizes. This can be beer t-shirts, hats, and/or gift certificates! A $25 gift certificate is worth $25 to your player, but costs you $10 or less.

For Tavern Owners/Managers
The season has already started, can I still join?  Absolutely!  Don't miss a single night!  You can register your tavern and begin tournaments at any time during the season, its just $199/month!  Your players will qualify for the Tavern, Regional and National Championships!

The season starts in just a few weeks, will I have time?
Absolutely! Registration takes only a few minutes and setting up your schedule takes less than 30 minutes. We will make sure you are ready! Register Now

Is this legal?  
Yes. Because there is no buy-in, it is not considered gambling…  it is merely entertainment.  We always recommend double checking your local laws.
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Why would people want to play if there is no money to win?  
Just like other events, it is about the competition.  It's about sitting down with a group of 50-100 other players and being the last one standing.  It's about improving your game each week and working your way to the top!  And of course, they are still going to win great prizes. Register Now

How many players should I expect?
Every Tavern is different, both in popularity and size…  so that number can vary.  We have seen turnouts as few as 25 and as big as 150!  The trend is so popular, everyone wants to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Register Now

What if I don't have enough room to host a World Tavern Poker tournament?  

Everyone has the room to host a tournament.  If you have a table and 8 chairs you can be a host with The World Tavern Poker. 
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How much work is required to host a poker tournament?
You will be amazed at how easy running a poker tournament can be.  Our systems, training and website make it simple! We recommend training your server to run the tournament while they are serving food and drinks!
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