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World Tavern Poker can help fill your bar on your slow nights, but there are many other benefits to your bar for running promotions like World Tavern Poker.

Big Crowds, Big Sales!
From Alaska to Florida, hundreds of bars have turned their slowest nights into some of their busiest.
Low Cost, High Profit
Our Poker promotion is less than $50 a night which means low risk and big profits.
Customers You Can Count On
Just like a dart league or pool league, these promotions are designed to bring customers back week after week, which means customers you can count on!
Promotions That Are Easy To Run
We provide you all the systems, tools, training, and support to make sure your World Tavern Poker and World Tavern Trivia promotion is easy and profitable
Powerful Marketing Tools
We provide a complete marketing kit including posters, flyers, table tents, and a strategic marketing plan to drive big crowds to your promotions.
A Crowded Parking Lot
Crowds draw crowds, and with a parking lot full of cars even more customers will come in to see what’s going on.
Happy Bartenders
Our bartenders are some of our biggest supporters because so many of gone from making $20 a night to $150 a night!
A New Level of Excitement
No one wants to walk into a boring bar. Poker will add a new level of excitement that will bring more customers and increase your nightly sales.

Exclusive Nights
You will have an exclusive night, which means no one in your area can run our promotions on the same night. And that means you get all the customers to yourself.

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